Product recommendations:

  • Prevent the use of the accesories while performing housekeeping or domestic work.
  • Prevent contact accesories with substances that contain chemicals like perfumes,

dye, creams, sprays, detergent, sun tan lotion, soap, alcohol as the properties of the

accessory can be altered causing staining and fading of the gold and silver plated


  • DO NOT clean the accessories with abrasive or metal cleaners.
  • DO NOT sleep with wearing the accessories.
  • Lt is NOT recommended for your accessories to get wet specially with sea water or

water containing clorox (Pool, spa).

  • Use gently a soft cloth to clean your accessory.
  • Store your accessories in a dry place,


  • This warranty is based on following the product recommendation.
  • All FS:Z accessories have a (1) month warranty from the date of purchase.
  • Accessory will be replaced ifthere is a loss of any piece due to fabrication or

assembly during the warranty period and not for misuse of the accessory.

  • Asudden change of color in your accessory could be cause by the body “PH” due to


  • FSZ are not responsible for any allergic reaction to the materials use for these

accessories. :

  • If you are aware of any allergies to these materials please refrain from purchasing or

the use of these accessories.

Authentic crystals and gemstones